The restaurant business will never go out of fashion. It is our raw necessity to consume food and it is in every peoples culture to savor delicious cuisine, be it European, Italian, Asian or America. The magic of restaurant is in the kitchen itself but the interior is as important. Whether your restaurant is big or it’s a small café or a bakery, the way your clients like the interior has a lot to do with the quality of food they think is being made in the kitchen.

By far the most creative part in restaurant is the interior design. The theme of the interior will depend on the type of food the restaurant will be serving as well the clientele that is being targeted. Everything should be clean and feel luxurious which will allow your clientele to taste the food better. The structural elements can be enhanced from multileveled ceilings and floors to arched and textured walls will make the space more interesting and comfortable. The furniture pieces such as the banquet seats, individual dining chairs, dining table and bar stools can be mixed and matched to create a variety of colors, forms and textures. The lighting design is also very important to give a space a meaningful mood. Especially with restaurants that are lucky with high ceilings can have some great possibilities for the wow factor. Seating should be comfortable for all heights and sizes with upholstered or full wood specie chairs for pleasant experience.

Rarchitect takes pride in our knowledge of both the commercial and residential industry. Our designers and contractors are experienced professionals with years of experience. Talk to our designers on your visions for the space and mood you are dreaming to create. At Rarchitect we understand that redecorating or starting new businesses can be very frustrating. We will develop design concepts that will contribute to positive customer experiences and the success of restaurant business.

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