Interior Design Services

Whether you are looking to transform big space or a small room you probably thought about hiring a designer. At Rarchitect we understand that this process can be very stressful therefore we strive to make our clients dreams become a reality. Before you will start looking for an interior designer or a decorator for your home or commercial space it is best to evaluate the space yourself. The more organized you are before you hire a designer the more likely the designer will be able to understand your needs and will better able to assist you in decorating your space. I would like to introduce some tips, which may be helpful in planning your ideal space as well as choosing the right designer for you.

Getting a pocket notebook and starting making quick notes that will mirror your ideas for the space as well as the way you want to make the space feel will allow you to better understand what exactly you are striving for. Weather the space will be showcased for special dinner parties or shall help you relax with your family, whatever it may be try to visualize it. Look trough magazines as well as online sites and collect the photos that suit your taste. Don’t be afraid to include ideas that contrast from one another. Interior designer will be able to see your interests and bring the ideas together. Think of the materials, light entering the room what will be appropriate and what will make you feel good in the given space.
When choosing an interior designer ask questions. Discuss the project and see if the designer truly has an interest in your project.

Interior designer needs to be able to bring ideas quickly to a table and communicate with a client on projects progress. Ask if their contractors are insured how they charge for products and services and if they feel they can meet your budget. At Rarchitect we will be happy to answer all of those questions. We have all our contractors licensed and insured. We treat all projects with great interest and we will break down the price in details. We will be the person to go with all of the concerns regarding the project. No need to struggle with subcontractors or even architects. Our project managers have a professional experience and a mind of an artist.

Another important step is to create a realistic budget. Be open with your interior designer and communicate in order to avoid stressful situations later in the project. Many interior designers take advantage of being discrete about the budget and make you pay 20% or more of the initial price given. At Rarchitect we take our clients very seriously no matter of your project size. We commit to the client and will make it work within your budget with no surprises later. We believe it is possible to create a high-end luxurious look without sky-high prices.

Once you decide to hire RArchitect we will put an agreement in writing which will include an explanation of the steps designer intends to make, deadlines and all costs including the price details. This step is very crucial in making sure our clients are happy and will not be disappointed with our company. At Rarchitect we strive for perfection and do everything to make our clients dreams come true.