Architectural Services

New and existing building design
Overall building concept, space planning and final blueprints are customed to our clients needs. Architects at Rarchitect are able to draw a home with the minimum of space wastage correct flow and utilization of spaces. We add value to you house in today’s market and possibly save money by selecting materials that are suitable for your budget.

Building Permits and Expediting
In order to build new or replace anything architectural plans have to pass the zoning and permitting stage in a local building department. All our architects deliver the plans to the city building department in person. There are no expeditors which allows us to save our clients money and help to get the permits fast.

Violation court representations
Weather your current structure has any kind of violation due to time it is standing or a poor craftsmanship at Rarchitect we can help by representing you in court and providing new plans.

3D architecture Renderings
Visual 3d renderings help our clients to better understand the concepts our architects bring to the table. We understand that not everyone can visualize a home with just a plan. We want to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible and this is and additional service we offer.

Architecture Landscaping
Let us help you create beautiful outdoors and give more magic to your everyday life. At Rarchitect we work with public areas, landmarks, and structures to achive encironmental, social-behavioural or just aesthetic outcomes.



Architect’s fees depend a great deal on the project and the location, and can vary in both amount and type. Our estimate are a free of charge for an architect to come out and do the site analysis following with a proposal and exact price.
Per Project
For small residential projects a flat fee for a project is more likley used with our clients. An architect develops a design, guides your project through the approval process, refers you to contractors and helps you select the right ones, and oversees the construction to make sure the plans are followed correctly
By Hour
Hourly charges may start at $50-$150 but can go up depending on the type of work (from creating drawings to inspecting a construction site), location, and the architect’s training, experience and reputation. At Rarchitect we like to use the per hour charges for commercial projects where an architect needs to be on the site most of the time than on the residential.

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At Rarchitect we understand that building a home or a commercial space may be a very important event in our clients life. Hiring a professional architect to draw your home may be challenging and frustrating. At Rarchitect we listen to your needs and appropriate you to a trusted architect who has been checked by us for you. We take very crucial steps before hiring an architect. We pay attention to the details, which has proven to choose the Architects with the most experience as well as understanding of both the construction and architecture industry. Rarchitect believes that each architect is different therefore we try to pick the best for our clients needs.

All of the qualified architects who work with our company are registered and licensed professionals. We strive for perfection and demand a lot from architects. Architect, who is able to start strong and deliver until the very end of the project. Architect, who is able to draw a home with the minimum of space wastage correct flow and utilization of spaces. We choose architects, who will be able to add value to you house in today’s market and possibly save money by selecting materials that are suitable for your budget. Architect, which is able to visit the site thought all of the stages of construction and provide necessary solutions for any unexpected problems is one of the skills we demand from the architects we work with. Experienced architects with years of practice will be able to provide our clients with a portfolio of the projects completed as well as references from former clients. We are able to give all necessary information our clients need in order to agree on a professional.

We understand that choosing a good professional is not an easy process, especially if it is your first time. Project managers at Rarchitect will be able to appropriate you to an architect that will have the necessary skills in order to complete a plan based on your vision and needs. Architect, who is a trusted professional and will look over the construction and allow for a problem free process. At Rarchitect we promise the work with our company will be of best quality.