Living room design & decorating

Living room is one of the spaces which really requires a lot of thought. This space is a social room which is for entertaining guests. The room should feel comfortable for the guest. How many times we have been invited to someone’s home and feel uncomfortable. The pressure is noticeable and can result in a bad feeling and preventing from future gatherings. Seating has been found to be the most distraction. It’s not easy to sit in an uncomfortable sofa now is it?

Choosing seating is the most important for a living room. I keep telling my clients to not buy seating based on its looks. The back cushions as well as seating cushions can come in many firmness types and what may seem comfortable to you may not be to your guests. There are many companies which will actually make a custom sofa for you. Take advantage of this because once you purchase a high quality sofa you will own it for generations. Pay attention to its depth . It is hard for tall people to sit in small depth sofas and smaller gals to sit in a deeper depth. Use contrast pillows. They may not only change the style based to a season but next time may provide a comfortable seating for a shorter person.

Make sure there is enough space for guests to place their drinks. End tables, coffee tables, ottomans will save you from your guests spilling that red wine on your favorite rug. Play around with room arrangements what works in a catalog s may not look good in your home therefore seeking a professional may open your eyes to more possibilities and more importantly meet your needs. Use small libraries, consoles, window treatments fill your room especially if the space is big. Don’t forget to accessorize. Accent pieces as well as any paintings mirrors may set appropriate mood to occasion or season.

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