Laundry & utility rooms design

I have always found it strange that in new constructions the interior door to the garage leads right into a laundry or utility room. I find laundry room to be a place where you do chores so after working all day the last thing I want to see when I come into my home is stack of laundry waiting for me. It makes me feel even more exhausted. If this is something that you have to deal with everyday work with your designer to make it welcoming, clean, organized and pleasing.

Storage is the main goal of keeping your laundry room organized. There are great vendors out there that make great modular units based on your needs. Whether you are a hard working mom or living alone there is something for you. Keep all of the items organized and in closed cabinets and drawers to always know where everything is and have clutter free space to work with. Talk to your designer about a hamper system for your laundry, so it doesn’t wind up strewn all over the floor or counter. A natural light helps to see if your stains really did go away and if the fabric did not change color. After all you rather see any problems before you leave the house. Windows make the space feel welcoming as well and if you do not have any a full spectrum lighting as well as some artwork will do the job just as well.

At Rarchitect we promise to help you make laundry room a fun place to be! A clutter free space is great for everyone’s well being in your household. We will help and recommend any vendors based on their quality and functionality that fits your budget. Furthermore we will appropriate the right contractor to complete everything safely and quickly so you can function in the space as quickly as possible. We will even work around your laundry schedule!

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