Hallways & transitional areas design

Hallways and transitional areas are unfortunately a one place that becomes neglected. Such neglect can be caused by the narrowness of the hallway which is something we see in many homes today. Narrow hallways causes uncomfortable and claustrophobic feeling . If you are one of those people who just do not know what to do with your hallway make sure to talk to your designer about this as an additional space to work on. Designers know how to create a illusion of a wider passage even if your hallways seems way too narrow.

One example may be to paint the end of the hallway in a darker shade than the sides. Artwork or family photos may also bring more warmth to your hallway, and if your hallway is dark the glass will bring more light into the space. Now many people use mirrors to create more light in their hallways. This is true if the mirror is placed on the side rather than on the end of the hallway. Mirror at the end doubles the length of the hallway making it longer and appears as if someone is walking towards us. If the hallway is too narrow to hang any artwork a runner on the floor will break up the monotony of the hallway. As for clients dealing with wider hallways that seem to empty artwork on both side walls as well a runner with an bench can allow the hallway to appear narrower.

There are many other ways to deal with an narrow or wide hallway. No matter if you live in a small apartment or a big mansion talk to your designer to help you create a transitional area that will allow your guests as well as your family feel comfortable. At Rarchitect we love challenges and we are very passionate about our clients and their design styles. Make sure you talk to us about your dreams and your challenges of any room!

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