Dining room design

As easy as it may sound it is really hard to pick a dining table. Many of you who have been shopping for one can agree with me. Without this piece of furniture no formal or informal dining room is possible. Dining rooms are designed for people who can gather and share a meal. Therefore, keep in mind shape of the dining table, its size and design can play a very crucial role in finally choosing your design for the entire room.

If only your dining room could accommodate a round table I would always recommend it. When people are seated at a round dining table everyone is seated more or less equally. There is no head of the table as with long rectangular table.  Everyone can make eye contact and converse easily with one another. Even when we are entertaining guests they will feel much more relaxed. If a big round table is not an option there are options with small round tables that come with leafs. In addition to our table, chairs should be comfortable and provide adequate back support. With many exciting manufacturers it is possible to pick your own chair fabric as well as any custom edges, legs not to mention the finishes. There is something for everyone. Don’t be afraid of custom tables they are not necessary more expensive. Talk to your designer about different manufacturers, they know hundreds of them and will help you to pick a good quality piece within your budget.

A formal dining room may also include a china cabinet as well as buffet which are very common in traditional dining rooms. Lighting with dimmer switches can set a mood to any occasion. Also, lighter wall colors are more comfortable with tints of red or orange which simulate our appetite. Don’t be afraid to use elegant colors for accents such gold, deep red, burgundy, forest green bring a rich sumptuous feeling to a dining experience. Accessories which can range from soft candlelight, mirrors which will make your dining room bigger, draperies with stunning fabrics that cascade to the floor can add sensuality of the meal. Every designer should be able to show you samples that suit your taste and make your dream a reality.

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