Children’s bedroom & playroom design

Many of the same rules apply to the children’s rooms as to adult rooms but there are some unique considerations. Children need to have the freedom to express their emerging identities which are separate from their parents and siblings. It is always a great idea for children to have some say in the décor of their bedroom within good taste of course. Everyone needs a space of their own to be able to relax and feel safe, and so do children. Make sure you talk to your children on the design style and color themes they like. You wouldn’t want to work and relax in space with the color you hate most of everything.

Bed being most important choice for children’s bedroom be sure to include headboard and have it placed in a space which will feel most safe and relaxed. Nowhere over big windows across doors or anywhere where a child could feel unsecure. You would be surprised how well your child will start to sleep if the arrangement of the bed will be correct. Try to agree with your kids on a color that is calming with a pop of fun color here and there. As far as the storage it is important to provide enough storage that is accessible to the child. This will allow your child to be more organized. Colorful toys and books that are not organized feel overwhelming and messy which may play a great deal on your Childs attitude.

If you are someone who has children artwork and toys everywhere in your home you have to admit you feel like a child yourself. And I understand you love your kids but there are ways to keep everything organized. If your child loves to draw think about a bulletin board of a soft  material fabric in your child’s playroom or bedroom. Their self esteem will boost and allow for a clutter free home for you and your husband. Be sure to involve your designers to work with your kids and design a clutter free cozy scheme for your child.

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