Bedroom design & decorating

Bedroom being the most important to our well being, designing a great environment that is beautiful and comfortable can result in the best night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter if your mattress is the best on the market (although it helps) you also need to feel relaxed, private and intimate. Designers often tend to create picture perfect design from a catalog and forget about the functionality of the room as well as their clients. At Rarchitect we pay attention to all of those aspects and make our clients dreams come true weather it is on an aesthetical or functional level.

Bedrooms should feel warm and cozy for you. We can make this possible by putting a carpet or a soft rug with thick pad underneath for anyone with hardwood floors. It feels great on bare feet as well as brings the gentle and quite feel of the room. The furniture in the room should not be too big too small but just right for your taste. Starting with the bed being the main focal point many clients choose a wood headboard or upholstered with their favorite material. Bedding is also important for a perfect rest. Variety in colors and texture is huge and sometimes hard to choose. Choosing natural colors will allow you to relax as well as higher thread count in sheets provide a softer feeling.

Bedroom is your private place. It will feel more private if a client will allow for some window treatments. Draperies come in many styles and fabrics; you might be surprised how it may bring romance and relaxation to your bedroom. Be sure to open them every morning to let in sunshine. Natural light is very important for our well being as where during the night don’t be afraid to use dimmers and side lamps for a romantic mood. Talk to your designer about furniture arrangements and any ideas they may have based on your and your partners needs. Be open to share any challenges or feelings your current room gives you. Professionals at Rarchitect listen and design with you in mind.

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