Bathroom design & decorating

In the past few years a new trend has been born towards a large and more sophisticated bathrooms. Many home builders know that a big master bathroom can sell homes. Everyone is going for that spa type look and I don’t blame them I love it too. But you do not have to have a large bathroom with walk in closets, Jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms to feel as if you were in a spa. There are many very simple tricks that will help you relax while taking a bath after a stressful day.

Notice if your bathroom feels cold. Most bathrooms are relatively cold wet spaces and I know that everyone hates to get out of the shower and feel cold. The color may very much contribute to this feeling. With blue white colors we feel as if our bathrooms were cold. But there are ways to change this feeling. Try incorporating a warmer colored walls and tiles for your bathrooms. You may just be surprised how much warmth and comfort it will provide during your next bath.

Just like other rooms in your home bathroom should also be functional. Pay attention to the texture and material of tiles or any other type of flooring you choose. Stay away from carpeting where it can absorb moisture and grow mold. Texture like tiles may be hard to clean and can contribute to many frustrations later. If your existing bathroom is mostly stone tile add soft area rugs to your bathroom which can be easily washed. Area rugs will also be able to feel little more warmer. Also, light dimmers candles as well as your favorite scent will make the bathroom feel warmer and allow you to relax during your relaxing baths.

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