We connect with strangers and reconnect with friends in a place where the vibe is great and the ambiance is brimming with life and leisure. Starting a business like clubs and bar can be very risky therefore a proper design structure is very necessary to allow any business to strive and bring more clientele. At Rarchitect we take into consideration the target market that our business owners are focusing on. We analyze all factors which our clients present to us and design a space which stands out from the rest and allow for sustaining its lust on long term basis. At Rarchitect our designers give the space identity clients remember and finally help advertise it.

At Rarchitect we take all design aspects into play when designing any interior of a bar or club. Spacious bar lobby which gives a first impression as well as the red carpet idea leading to the dance floor or the bar area. Efficient bar location which is visible at first glance when entering the main area as well the number of bars appropriate to the size. Flexible dance and drinking area as well as the VIP lounge and additional rooms need to be taken highly into the design aspect to create a functional and smooth transitional spaces. But before all of this an agreement on the type of theme needs to be raised. In order to create a structural looking and accent lighting fixtures in different shapes and color can add a splash of interest to the space a main theme will build a great foundation of creating something different. Many of today’s clubs go for the modern clean line look which are found to be very fun and most importantly easy for maintenance for owners.

Whether you own or starting a new business talk to our designers about your visions as well as any challenges you face with your current business. At Rarchitect our designers are professionally trained to design fresh and new spaces as well improve or build the image of your future business.

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